Lost in TwitterLand – Advice for a Novice?

So, I’m starting to connect on the Twitterverse. Well, my new site that is. I’ve had a personal twitter account for a while, but I want to get one for my writing and crafts without the political and celebrity stalking – I mean following. Anyway, so I started searching for interesting people to follow…. well, I am finding I’m reading more “interesting” posts, which is fun, but not really getting anywhere. I guess it takes time, and I haven’t been at this long. But I don’t want to read someone’s book on ‘how to get more twitter followers’. I’m guessing a lot of that isn’t on the up and up.

Anyway, I can see in the beginning, social media being a big time sink, and I don’t have a lot of material to share yet. So should I spend more time on social media building contacts, or write more before I try to make a network? Or a little of both?  Any advice for  novice?

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