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cropped-butterfly-2138559_6401.pngThis page is designed to be an organic list of blogs that I follow or have found helpful. I am creating it for myself but am happy to share. If you have any suggestions, or would like your blog or website added, please let me know below.

I love this quote from Neil Gaiman: “Remember: when people tell you something’s wrong or doesn’t work for them, they are almost always right. When they tell you exactly what they think is wrong and how to fix it, they are almost always wrong.” — Neil Gaiman

I still believe the “rules” are really guides, and what works, go with it!

Blogs with writing advice

  • iWriterly Blog official blog of Meg LaTorre. She also has a YouTube series iWriterly and a newsletter, plus other tools and tips for querying and participating in pitch contests.
  • Savvy Authors – Another site that is more than just a blog. A collaborative site where guest authors write articles on a variety of topics to help get you published.
  • Short read with some tips, good for an early writer or ESL writer.
  • The webpage is for a novel write course called Now Novel, so they want you to buy their book and their course, so there is a popup while you are reading, but that’s kind of common. The blog has nice tips.
  • Writer’s Digest The Writer’s Dig  – From the site: “The Writer’s Dig, which covers everything writing—from grammar rules to publishing—is one of the most popular in the writing community. It is curated by writer, multimedia journalist and editor Jess Zafarris. Follow her on Twitter @jesszafarris.”
  • Jane Friedman’s blog – advice on writing, querying, publishing and more. Definitely a blog every writer should follow, IMHO.

Blogs with Publishing tips

  • Just Publishing Advice – More than just a blog, the site has tips and advice on self-publishing, promotion, eBooks, and writing/editing. The article on lay vs. lie was very good.
  • Writer’s Digest  Guide to Literary Agents Blog – Posts about and by literary agents with tips on what they do, how get an agent and pitfalls to watch out for.

Writing Tips Articles

Publishing Tips

Blogging Tips

Writer’s Blogs

Publisher Blogs

Publisher Submission pages

  • Fantasy publishers accepting unsolicited manuscripts Publishers that accept unsolicited manuscripts! I pulled out a few and listed them bellow, some with additional links.
  • Baen publisher submission guidelines and the submission form. They publish only science fiction and fantasy that is unique and 100,00 to 130,000 words. 9-12 month turn around time.
  • Jo Fletcher Books in the UK guidelines on emailing unsolicited manuscripts of science fiction, fantasy or horror. Not YA or MG.
  • Tor accepts manuscript submissions, see the guidelines on the page. 6 month reply window.
  • Tirgearr Publishing in Ireland accepts manuscripts most of the year. Guidelines here. Adult only.
  • TCK Publishing accepts fiction and non-fiction. This page gives some information about their fantasy submissions and a contact form. Contact them in order to receive instruction on how to submit your manuscript. Guidelines for submissions are found here. They say 30-60 day turn around on reviewing manuscripts.
  • DAW, an imprint of Penguin Random House, accepts submissions from authors without agents, see this page for information. (Agents can connect with acquiring editors or email us at
  • Hydra, a digital only imprint of Random House, accepts science fiction, fantasy, and horror. (As of 11/7/18, the page says it is not accepting unsolicited manuscripts. I will update this note if that changes.)
  • Calls for submissions
  • Monday markets and Jobs for writers (every Monday -not necessarily flash fiction

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