New Links for Writers

Letters HTTPAs you know, I have been collecting interesting links on the Blogs & Links page here at As a service to my readers, I will also publish a periodic post (not sure how often, yet) with interesting or useful links.

I hope you enjoy these new gems.

Filler Words to Remove From Your Novel I know I can use this!

No Wasted Ink Every Monday, author Wendy Van Camp posts a list of links to all kinds of writerly resources. You never know what you might find.

Jane Friedman’s blog I ran across her blog when looking for content for my post So You Want a Literary Agent? Here are some other posts I found helpful. I am sure there are many more:

How to write specific vs vague conflict in a query  Also from my literary agent post but worth repeating. This comes from the iWriterly site.

27 Calls for Submissions in January 2019 – Paying Markets Publishing…and Other Forms of Insanity site by Erica Verrillo posts a monthly list of calls for submissions. She also has many other lists and resources you may find handy.

ButterflyQ What great resources have you found this week? Do you have a favorite blog that posts great links and resource tips? Let me know so I can share it!


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