Artist Spotlight: Melissa Phillips

Tattoo artists don’t always get a lot of credit for what they do. Their work depends on the client. Usually, the client will have a picture they want to be copied or an idea for a concept. The artist will consult with them and sketch out a design. Sometimes it is a unique piece of art. But sometimes, they are just asked to put a girlfriend’s name, or worse, on a guy’s arm!

Still, it takes practice and skill to permanently ink a picture onto someone’s body – they can’t just erase a mistake. The tools used aren’t the same as pencils, or paint brushes, the needle vibrates and requires a steady hand.

butterflytattoo.jpgSo, I wanted to give a shout out to a tattoo artist, Melissa Phillips. She works at Club Tattoo in Las Vegas, at the Linq Casino. She did my tattoo and has done many others. You can check out her work on Instagram @melissaphillips702  (note: there are a few non-g-rated images, nothing too bad – but I know some people are offended by curse words and such).

Melissa used individually sealed and sterilized needles and tubes that she only opened when I was ready for my session. She prepped my arm with alcohol (rubbing alcohol!) and placed a transfer of the design on my arm. She was so meticulous, that because it wasn’t lined up perfectly on my arm, she wiped it off and created a new transfer image to use as her guide. During the session, she constantly wiped excess ink off with alcohol. When she was done, she explained how to care for my tattoo over the next few weeks.

Melissa not only did a spectacular job (the lines are so crisp and clean) but she was so patient and explained everything, as this was my first tattoo. Getting a tattoo can be an exciting experience for the client, (I know it was for me!) but it can also be scary. I was so happy to have someone take the time to walk me through the process and make me feel more comfortable.


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