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Everyone can use a little advice now and then, but we don’t always want our emails filling up with messages that, if we are honest, might just go to the trash folder, or worse, get stuck in spam. And does anyone use RSS readers anymore? I used delicious once… I wonder whatever happened to that?

Instead of trying to remember to go through my feeds (why I don’t use a rss feed reader), or overload my email, I decided to make a list of blogs on one of my webpages. Then I can refer back to it anytime I want. You are welcome to take a look at my Blogs and Links page.

I am starting by listing blogs with writing advise and publishing advice that I find useful. The idea being the page will grow and evolve as needed. This isn’t going to be a comprehensive page, there are plenty of “top 25” even “top 100” lists (just “Google” writing tips). I am going to include websites and blogs that I have found useful. Maybe one that a twitter friend has suggested, or I ran across while doing research.

Send me any suggestions and I’d be happy to review and include (legitimate blogs, of course, no spam).

Here are few to start you off, see my Blog and Links page for more.

  • iWriterly  – The official website of Meg LaTorre, includes tips, writing advice, a YouTube channel, as well as a blog. She also offers pitch and query tips and critiques. Here is one of her posts, which also appears on Savvy Authors blog:
  • Savvy AuthorsAnother site with more than just a blog. A collaborative site where guest authors write articles on a variety of topics to help get you published.
  • Just Publishing Advice – Speaking of getting published, here’s a site devoted to the self-publishing authors. With articles and How-To guides on everything from grammar to Amazon KDP, its a good place to go if you are thinking of self publishing.
  • Short read with some tips, good for an early writer or ESL writer.
  • Writer’s Digest The Writer’s Dig  – From the site: “The Writer’s Dig, which covers everything writing—from grammar rules to publishing—is one of the most popular in the writing community. It is curated by writer, multimedia journalist and editor Jess Zafarris. Follow her on Twitter @jesszafarris.”

There are so many great blogs and writing advice websites, I would never finish this post, so I am just going to continue to collect sites on my Blog and Links page. See you over there!

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