First Draft

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The first draft of a novel is often a jumble of messy scenes, incomplete plot lines, half formed characters, and rough, run-on sentences.

However, it is a story, your story, your baby. Sure it needs work, lots of work.

I started mine in August last year. Then I participated in NaNoWriMo in November and wrote over 50,000 words. But life happens, and I plodded along, and few words here and there, unsure if I would ever finish the story.

Fortunately, I have crazy twitter friends (search for up #WriteFightGIFClub). And when we aren’t throwing gifs at each other, they are so encouraging. In July I joined them in a virtual cabin for Camp NaNoWriMo. I am still 3 hours short of my 30 hour goal (and 2 days to go), but my real goal is to finish my first draft. With their encouragement, and an understanding family, I DID.

So my sentences might be run-on, or incomplete. Some scenes are a bit, well, sketchy. I left one character running away mid book. These can all be fixed in the edits. (Now that’s another story….)

I am just so excited! I wrote the first draft of my fantasy novel in just under 1 year!

Let me know your progress. How far along is your WIP? How long did your first draft take?

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