Artist Spotlight: Shay Preyer

Acrylic by Shay Preye

This month, I’d like to share the work of a talented painter, Shay Preyer.

She created this wonderful resin finished painting, and has crafted many more like it, all with beautiful designs and swirls of color. Some with sparkles, others with layers and patterns. One looked amazingly like an geode with amethyst lining it.

I sat down with Shay to find out how she works her magic.

wwdoveStudio: What kind of paints do you use? Acrylics?
Shay: Yes, I do use acrylic paints. I layer different paints and depending on the amount I can get certain textures and patterns.
wwdoveStudio: What is the process that makes it shine?
Shay: The finished works are covered in resin for extreme shine or sometimes a gloss spray.
wwdoveStudio: How long does it take to dry?
Shay: Initial drying depends on the amount of paint and location (3-5 days), then I cure the resin to specifications based on the resin.
wwdoveStudio: Do you need to sand and buff the everywhere or just the sides?
Shay: For the resin clean up, I just sand the bottom. For nicer looking pieces during the drying process I continually remove the excess resin.
wwdoveStudio: How long does it take to make one piece, from blank canvas to finished piece?
Shay: From start to finish, depends on the artist, liquid medium, style/process, size, etc. maybe 1-2 weeks. Maybe longer, if adding other materials and layers or working purely in resin layering.
While she isn’t currently selling her pieces online, she is planning to sell them at local craft fairs and has donated pieces to fundraisers at her university. Shay says painting helps her relax and de-stress from her studies as a medical student.


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