I once again find myself with little time and too much to do.

I had been maintaining 2 websites, one for general writing and creative pursuits and another simply for my personal writing. However, I have found that I am updating neither.

On top of that, because of the custom domains (which I love) it costs me double. Instead of one free blog, I have 2 paid sites! Yikes.

So I am going to consolidate into one paid blog – so I can keep my domains – and have both domains point to this one site. That way if I get more time, publish, or find any other reason to have two web presences again, I will still own both domains.

My site plan is up in August I believe, so I’m not sure if I will switch the domain over then, but I will begin using exclusively as of now.

For those of you following me on, my other site is/was

I will be posting this message on both sites so any Dovelyn Reid followers can hop on over to wwdovestudio. If you follow the URL, it should redirect to once I have the domain switched.


Thanks so much for following. Please continue to follow, as I am planning to start putting my WIP up bit by bit for critique, or simply enjoyment, whichever is your pleasure.

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