Writing in One Draft?

I read an interesting article I found through twitter ( https://medium.com/the-book-mechanic/how-to-write-a-high-quality-novel-in-one-draft-with-no-outline-bfa5f65fc54e ) about a technique used to write a novel in one draft. Actually it was editing as you went along, but without plotting out an full outline ahead of time and without going through the completed manuscript 3 or 4 times after it was complete!

I was like, “Sign me up!”

But seriously, when I started writing my current WIP, I wrote a bit, then went back over it and changed it, then continued, then backtracked, just the way this author explained the technique. However, as I discussed writing more on twitter and read books on writing technique, this was frowned upon. I was told, “Just get it out, edit later.”

The chapters where I did that are the worst chapters in my draft! They are disconnected, feel thrown together and will be the hardest to edit. The first ones, where I was painstakingly rereading and editing as I went, have continuity and I feel like I really put myself into them.

I never outlined in school (granted I was a science major not a writing major) but the professors still wanted you to do outlines and drafts. That’s just not how my mind works. I’m a research librarian now, and nope, still don’t outline!

My WIP is what it is. However, I think I am going to try taking more time with my next work as I write it and see how that feels. Maybe it will need less rounds of editing (certainly copy editing, as I’m pretty sure I need to work on my technical skills).

ButterflyQWhat is your writing process? What do you think of the one draft (sort of) method?

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