Stay-at-home School: Hogwarts Style

Well, I had a lot of fun at GallifreyOne. I didn’t take as many pictures as I wanted and almost none of myself! Then life got a little side tracked. So I’ll try to get some photos posted soon.

As far as writing goes, I am still working my day job just from home, and my son is home so I have to keep him focused on school work, so I’m actually busier than before the crisis, but I’ll try to get some more bits of my WIP posted.

As for my son, we are at the end of week 5 of “stay-at-home school”. His school just started remote instruction this week and it’s off to a rough start. They were expecting to have everyone back in the classrooms after spring break so nothing was set up to do live meetings and teachers didn’t have individual assignments for their classes ready. The district put up work for the entire population… yeah, I’m not gonna comment on that.

When the schools first closed they had 2 days notice, so he brought home a packet of worksheets for the first two weeks and then was supposed to be on spring break for 2 weeks. If I had stopped all instruction over spring break, it would have been impossible to get him working again this week. And I had no illusions that school was opening on April 13th.

So, in an effort to make stay-at-home school fun, and supplement the work provided, I recreated Hogwarts at home, complete with themed books, wands, and house banners. Mind you it was low budget and minimal decor, but it worked… for most of the 2 weeks.


Frist he recieved his letter via owl. Then we went shopping for books and made wands.

Wands before staining

Then he took the Hogwarts Express to school…

Hogwarts Express

…and was sorted (via video) into his House. Can you guess which House?


Because of the stay-at-home order he was the only student and had private lessons from Professor Snape (sorry, he refused to be photographed), who lead instruction in various courses including Ancient Runes (Language Arts), Magical Drafts and Potions (Science), and Spells (yup, wand class – well we made wands, what else were we gonna do with them?)

Class at Hogwarts

Now that muggle school has taken over, I’m not sure if there will be time for any wizardry classes. But maybe we can sneak in some Spells class now and then!

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