Marketing your WIP

For me, the fun of writing is in planning the intricate worlds and characters, designing unexpected plot twists, and making the story as engaging for the reader as it is in my head.  But if I can’t get it out there to be read then what am I doing it for? Well, of course for myself, and my close friends. I have a full time job, so I’m not relying on writing for a living, although it would be fun to produce a best-seller.

However, with the number of talented writers, and self-publishing options, not to mention large publishers still taking up a lot of market share, it is still daunting to think about getting my novel out there and seen. Social media is helping by building connections where I never could have before, but that only goes so far. As a first-timer, I need ideas to make a smooth transition when I am ready to publish.

Some of the advice I have read from  blogs (like 5 Things to Do Before Publishing) is to market your book before it’s written, make a page for it, talk it up, get fans, build a network. I guess I need a title and cover art for that!

What about putting the first chapter out as a teaser? Has anyone tried that?

What is you strategy for promoting your WIP?

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