Capitalization in Fantasy Novels

y novel is fantasy, set in a Realm that has a King and Queen and Lords and a Council and such. I want to make sure I am using the proper capitalization it titles and phrases when referring to them. Since writing wasn’t my major in college (biology/genetics) I know I make lots of mistakes, but I figured I could start learning a few things on my own so my poor (unpaid) editor doesn’t have as much work to do (don’t you love family!)

Going through forums, I found some tips in a few blogs and websites. Instead of repeating it (and since they really deserve the credit) I’ll list a few sites/blogs below.

“Fiction Q&A: Styling Noble & Royal Title” by Kristen Stieffel

“Ten Rules of Capitalization for Fiction Writers” by Terry W. Ervin II

“A Capital Idea! Knowing When to Capitalize” by Janice Hardy (@Janice_Hardy)

National Geographic Style Manual

I hope some of these help you, as they have me, and now I have them handy for myself.

2 thoughts on “Capitalization in Fantasy Novels

  1. So if you were to use king or queen without mentioning his or her name, you wouldn’t capitalize, but if you were referring to a particular nobleman/woman by name, you would?


    1. I believe you are correct. Talking to Lord Cedric would be capitalized, but saying the queen is eating lunch is not capitalized.


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