Choosing a Title for Your Novel

BookPicking a title for your novel is difficult. You want it to entice readers to pick it up, to see what lies between the covers. But it is also a very personal thing, or at least it is for a new writer. We want our first novel to represent our best work, our characters, all the work we put into the story. Sometimes that doesn’t happen right away.

This is my first novel, and I can see it developing into an entire world that I can draw from for multiple books. I’m seeing side plots and character twists that would be too much to address at this time. So I think I can do follow up books.

So I’m going to give it a series name as well as a title.

Sword of Chaos, Book 1 of the Relics of Belanore

(I had one other name I wanted to use for the world, but I might run into trouble, as it was created for an RPG I used to play years ago, and I didn’t come up with it.)

Harbinger, Book 2 of the Relics of Belanore

(This would be the next book in the series. I am already weaving in the plot pieces to set it up.)

Next I need to decide on cover art, although I’m only on chapter 2. Maybe that will motivate me, along with NaNoWriMo to get it done faster.

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