Everything’s Coming Up… Rose?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here other than a few excerpts from my WIP. (I consolidated my websites a while back and I think it works for the time being.) I haven’t been showcasing any other art, activities, or writers. I am hoping to get back to adding more posts soon.

To get started, for my geeky followers, I am excited to be attending Gallifrey One for the first time! If you don’t know what Gallifrey One is… well… let’s just say you’re probably not a Doctor Who fan. But seriously, it is a fan-run Doctor Who convention in Los Angeles happening in February. I have purchased tickets the last 2 years but have been unable to attend, even though I live… close by.

This year, I am so excited because the headliner is none other than Doctor Who himself (well one of them, okay 2 of them!) Christopher Eccleston, the 9th Doctor, and Peter Davidson, the 5th Doctor, will also be in attendance. Several companions are slated to be there including Tosin Cole who plays Ryan Sinclair, a current series companion, and Pearl Mackie who played Bill Potts, a companion of the 12th Doctor! Mind you this is a fan-run convention, very small! (Sorry for all the exclamation points, can you tell I’m excited?)

Of course, I will be cosplaying (we called it dressing up ages ago, but it sounds better to cosplay!) as Rose Tyler and the 13th Doctor! Not at the same time… that would be interested…  I will try to get some good pictures to post (no live streaming allowed, not sure about the celebrity photos, but I’ll do what I can!)

I still need to get the boots for my Rose cosplay, and make her crown shirt; it’s impossible to find so I’m going to try to print an iron on. I know it won’t be screen accurate, but I just do it for fun anyway! I also have to take in the Doctor’s pants. I started her cosplay when I was 50 lbs heavier. Maybe I can find new pants at the thrift store or online, but I don’t know, that blue is kinda bold! My suspenders are a bit too yellow, too.

Oh, and I ordered ribbons. You know, those little bits you stick on to the end of your badge with silly sayings. It’s a tradition that attendees trade them (not a requirement, but I hear it’s fun!) Some fans have yards of ribbons by the end of the weekend, or so I hear! I’ll post a pic when mind come in. Any guesses to what they say?

ButterflyQ Who else is a Doctor Who fan? Who is your favorite Doctor?  Companion? Anyone going to Gallifrey One?

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