Doctor Who Cosplay


My cosplay is coming along nicely.

Just got brown boots for my Rose Tooth and Claw outfit. These are Liz Claiborne Women’s Tacca Wide Calf Stacked Heel Riding Boots in coffee bean from JC Penney’s. They have a decoration on the side, but for $33 and on short notice, I think they will work


I just need to make the t-shirt. I’m gong to try an iron on. If I can find a pink shirt I might iron the crown on to the pink shirt and then cut it out and sew it on to the lilac t-shirt, to make it a bit more realistic. Mostly, it depends on how much time I have left. The jumper is shorts not a skirt, but I think it will do.


I need to get a few pieces altered, like my blue pants for my 13th cosplay. I lost so much weight they won’t stay up!

Since there are a few evening activities, I tried on some of my old dresses. Nothing fits! Yikes, what am I going to do now? I don’t know if I can run out and get a new TARDIS dress. I can just wear a mundane dress with my 4th scarf. But I’m looking for a seamstress that works with cosplay that might be able to adjust a few before the con. I have a Clara outfit I hope I can get altered.

Stay tuned for more…

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